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About me...

My bios on most of my social media pages will show that I am a wife, mother, travel agent, Disney fan and Beatles nerd...pretty much in that order. As much as I do love my family (along with Paul, John, George & Ringo), I am beyond fortunate to be able to enjoy my career as much as I do. I get to help people celebrate something amazing, explore the magic of travel with their kids or just treat themselves to seeing a little piece of our vast world.


I began my career in corporate travel and stayed at that position for about 2 years. I then received an offer to join a leisure travel agency which most definitely piqued my interest. I accepted and the rest is history. I hit the ground running and was named Rookie Of The Year at AAA Travel two years back to back (it was based on a 24 month period) out of all the states in our entire club.  Me, a previously unknown corporate travel agent with humble travel beginnings was now joining the most elite travel consultants in the U.S. and VP's on our big end of the year top agent trips!


I became very successful and was frequently asked to help train both new and veteran agents on my best practices. There's no magic formula - hard work, sacrifice and doing your best are so cliche but for good reason. They work. I want my clients to be able to get the most value for their money so I take into account all the variables of their trip. I double and triple check details. I go in early and stay late almost every day. Not only does this work, it makes my clients so happy that they want to see me succeed and refer me to their friends and family as well! Of course it doesn't hurt that my clients also know their referrals will receive world class service. I am at the top of my career for this very reason. I look forward to exceeding your expectations and helping you plan a memorable trip that you will cherish for years to come!

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